vRealize Operations (vROPs) Seminars

Monitor – Analyse – Plan – Report – Alarm

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vROPS Intense

Our bestseller!
Learn everything there is to know about vROPs. From understanding the metrics and troubleshooting VMs to creating scheduled email reports and maintaining the alarm flood. We will also focus on creating custom Dashboards and the understanding of cost analysis to help you control your IT environment.

Prerequisites Basic understanding visualization
Full days
Online, classroom, onSite
Half-days (4h)
Online only
5 (compressed
Complementary Book
Mastering vRealize Operations Manager 2nd Edition
  • Edition and version overview
  • Install
    • Deploy
    • Basis configure
    • Add plugins
    • Configure plugins
  • Scaling out & clustering vROPs
  • Administer user rights and roles
  • Add and configure plugins
  • Understand costing
  • Troubleshooting
    • Understand Metrics and properties
    • Access timeline
    • correlate data
    • right-sizing VMs
  • Views
    • Use existing Views
    • Create new views
    • Use Views in Dashboards and Reports
  • Reports
    • Overview of existing reports
    • Create meaningful new reports
    • Schedule reports
  • Cost anylsis
  • Planing with What-If
  • Dashboards
    • Overview of existing Dashboards
    • Create new dashboards
    • Understand Static, interactive, display dashboards
    • Share and administer dashboards
  • Alarms
    • Understand how alarms work
    • Work with active alarms
    • Create new alarms
  • Notifications
    • create meaningfull email alerts
  • Super Matrics
    • Create new Super Matrics
    • Use Super Matrics
  • Groups, Datacenters and Applications
  • Work with Compliance


Customization Options

The following list some topics for customizing our Workshops

  • VMware Log Insight Workshop (1d)
  • Focus on Troubleshooting
  • Focus on Dashboard
  • Focus on Reports
  • Focus on Administration
  • Focus on Planning
  • Focus on Alarms and Notification
  • Focus on Cost Analysis
  • Focus on distributed setups
  • Build custom Dashboards
  • Build custom Reports
  • Triggering vRO Workflows from alarms
  • REST access to vROPs